Welcome to Anonymous Love Letters (ALL)

October 14, 2015 // 0 Comments

I’m excited about launching my new project, Anonymous Love Letters. For those of who follow my blog, Agape Her, you’re well aware that I love to talk about love and relationships. Giving out advice for relationships is a definite passion.


Anonymous Love Letters is dedicated to helping relationships in all stages (dating, to engagement, to marriage). The idea is simple. If you or even a friend of yours has a relationship issue, you can send me an Anonymous Love Letter. The whole point is that you will remain anonymous. I’ll read your dilemma, and then post what you wrote right here on this site, along with my advice for your particular issue. Once it’s posted, fellow readers can chime in via the comments and give you their opinions.


You get to come to the site, read my advice and check out everyone’s opinions without anyone ever knowing who you are. As I receive more and more letters, the site will eventually be updated with a new letter once a day. Help me make this a successful, fun and enlightening project. Share this page with your friends and don’t hesitate to send me an Anonymous Love Letter!


I look forward to giving out plenty of sound advice!


– Micheal

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