He Won’t Show Me Any Affection

October 20, 2015 // 0 Comments

Hey Micheal,
I need your help and advice! My husband will not show me any affection… He won’t hold me or wrap his arms around me unless I ask him to! He says he love me, but he won’t tell me how much he loves and appreciates me. I tell him how much I love and appreciate him! I love to be caressed and loved on, but instead of my husband loving and caressing me, he turns to his dog and loves and caresses on the dog! I don’t know what to do anymore and I’m tired of being hurt and rejected! I mean I do everything for my husband and I get nothing in return. I’ve talked to him and told him how I feel and I get nothing! So what do I do? I need answers fast!
I just want love and affection.

I’m sorry to hear about your husbands lack of affection. Usually in marriage and relationships in general, lack of affection means there’s a lack of connection. Or better put: your husband might be disengaged from you. Affection comes naturally. So since your husband isn’t showing you affection, you’ve got to question: is he disengaged and why is he disengaged?
Is he bored with the marriage? Is he interested in someone else? Are there any grudges that he may be holding against you that he’s not telling you about?
All these can be reasons why he’s disengaged and fails to show you the affection that you crave.
In order for you to get what you desire from your husband, the two of you have to figure out what’s causing him to push you away.
If you two can figure THAT out, then you’ve found the key to getting the affection back from your husband.
And remember that communication is key when it comes to marriage. Make sure that he actually understands that you want physical affection from him and words of love and appreciation. Also, he needs to make sure that you understand him completely as well.
I know you’re at your wits end. But there’s still hope for your marriage.
Readers? What do you think she should do? Why do you think her husband isn’t showing her any affection? Post your comment!
– Micheal

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