I Don’t Know What to Do! My Husband is an Alcoholic!

I desperately need my husband to give up alcohol. I know he loves me but alcohol has a stronghold on him. I pray daily for him to turn to God for strength to overcome the the strongholds on him. It breaks my heart that I don’t know how to help him!
I Just Want to Help Him.

I need you to understand two things:
1) You’re doing the right thing by praying for your husband. Don’t stop.
2) Don’t be heart broken because you don’t know how to help him. Realize that there’s nothing you can do on your own. If you’re beating yourself up, please stop immediately. Though you’re his wife — you aren’t the solution to his problem. So there’s no sense in coming down hard on yourself. Take a deep breath and heed my advice.
At this point, if your husband is a real alcoholic, you must understand that he’s not choosing to drink. He doesn’t have the power to choose not to drink. There’s only one hope for your husband: spiritual power. He himself has to turn to God for deliverance. He has to be willing to change. The only way for him to put down alcohol once and for all, is for him to understand that his life will benefit from giving up alcohol. Then he can make the decision to come to God for deliverance.
Sit down with him and try to help him see the light. He doesn’t need alcohol. It’s not benefitting him, you, your marriage or your family in any way.
If you need to, learn more about the consequences of alcohol and educate your husband. Help him to get tired of alcohol. Sooner or later he’ll want to give it up. You may or may not need to take him to see an addiction counselor to help the process. Keep your options open.
Just remember: the ultimate key is for your husband to turn to God and fully give his life to God. Don’t stop praying. Never give up. One day soon God will give your husband a testimony about his complete deliverance from alcohol.
God bless,

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