Anonymous Love Letters (ALL)

ALL was created to help you come up with a solution to your relationship issues (whether you’re married, engaged or just dating). It’s not always easy to come up with solutions. Sometimes you get stuck. Should you leave? Or should you stay? Do you have the right to be angry? Or are you overreacting? Are you really in love? Or are you just letting your emotions get the best of you? Not sure? ALL is here to help! You’ll get practical advice from Micheal and various opinions from the readers!

Micheal Boyd

Micheal is happily married to his wife Tia. He’s the owner and writer of Agape Her, where he publishes articles on marriage/relationship advice. His passion for happy relationships inspires him to give out practical advice for couples going through issues. If you need some practical advice for your marriage or relationship, send Micheal an Anonymous Love Letter today.